Frequently Asked Questions

I last renewed my license in 2003, am I a member of the BeautyCouncil?
(a) No. You are a former license holder and not included on the current BeautyCouncil professional registry. The BeautyCouncil is a not- for-profit voluntary association. To be a maintain your BeautyCouncil professional designation, you must pay annual dues

I have a license from the US, how can I get the Certificate of Qualification from BeautyCouncil?
(a) The BeautyCouncil requires proof of training that is equivalent or greater than BeautyCouncil minimum requirements. Reciprocity may be allowable depending on your verified credentials. Please contact exams@beautycouncil.ca to arrange for a credential assessment.

I have a license from a foreign country other than the US; do I have to sit for the exam to get the Certificate of Qualification?
(a) The BeautyCouncil requires proof of training that is equivalent or greater to what is required by BeautyCouncil. Some foreign countries have formal agreements with BeautyCouncil for reciprocity & exemption, however if your credentials are not from a pre-approved country you may still be eligible to challenge the BeautyCouncil exam. Please contact exams@beautycouncil.ca for more information.

I need to make a name change, how can I get a new Certificate of Qualification under my new name?
(a) The BeautyCouncil requires proof of the legal name change. We require a copy of the marriage certificate, passport, citizenship card, birth certificate or driver's license.

Do I require a Certificate of Qualification to practice in BC or Alberta?
(a) In BC the industry is deregulated and you're not required to challenge the BeautyCouncil exam to work in the cosmetology industry, though it's in your best interest to take the BeautyCouncil examination in your trade. This will prevent delays as some jurisdictions and municipalities are now requiring proof that you have your Certificate of Qualification in order to work or obtain a business license in that area.

In Alberta, Estheticians & Nail Technicians, including cosmetic tattoo artists, make-up artists, wax technicians, manicurists & pedicurists do not require certification. Again, it is always in your best interest to hold credentials for your trade to demonstrate your professionalism & enable mobility to other regulated jurisdictions.

Who can apply for BeautyCouncil Membership?
(a) BeautyCouncil membership is for anyone within the Cosmetology Industry. Hairdressers, Estheticians, Nail Technicians, employees, business owners, instructors, wholesalers and dealers. However, only certified beauty professionals will have their trade status recognized (CCP).