International Certification

Receive your International Certification

You can have your hairdressing, esthetics and/or nail technology skills and experience recognized in Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Hong Kong. Your Certification of Qualification from BeautyCouncil will enable you to advance your career overseas and show clients that your training and experience is "world-class!"


BeautyCouncil is a founding member of the International Professional Standards Network (IPSN) and we aim to increase mutual recognition of internationally developed industry benchmarks. The goals is to help beauty professionals, like you, to gain industry recognition and assist in your mobility to work in member countries (Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Japan and Hong Kong).

Be recognized internationally! Register for your International Certification today.

Before applying for the IPSN Certification you MUST have passed the BeautyCouncil Certification Exam which awards you with your BeautyCouncil Certificate of Qualification.

Listed below is the following items you need to submit to BeautyCouncil office for assessment:

1. A copy of your current photo ID
2. A copy of your BeautyCouncil cosmetology trade Certificate of Qualification (i.e. hairdressing, esthetics or nail technology) This is obtained by passing one of the BeautyCouncil Certification Exams. 
3. A copy of your cosmetology trade training (i.e. school transcript)
4. Proof that you have been working in the field for a minimum of 2 years as a Hairdresser, 1 year as an Esthetician and 6 months as a Nail Technician. 
5. Download & complete your International Certification Application Form
6. $130 along with your annual membership fee if not already a member.


Not a member? Go to ABOUT and click on get forms.


Please submit completed form by one of the following: Please allow 10 to 14 business days for assessment to be completed

1. Fax: ATTENTION: KYM ELDERKIN at 604-871-0299

2. Email: 

3. Mail ATTENTION: KYM ELDERKIN, 201-3091 West Broadway, Vancouver, BC V6K 2G9