Students & Apprentices

Students & Apprentices

Just getting started in the cosmetology industry?  

There are so many reasons to choose the beauty industry as a rewarding career, here are a few reasons: 
Beauty. This is obvious...but when you're around beautiful things like art, nature and creativity, they can help enhance your life and make it easy to come to work everyday!
Creativity. Having the chance to express yourself creatively is one of the top reasons people go into the cosmetology industry. You get to work with your hands and come up with new ideas all the time. 

People. This profession is far from solitary career as you’ll have lots of time to chat when you're working on your clients' hair, skin and/or nails. 
Gratification & Reward. Being a beauty professional is beyond just making people look beautiful. It's about working towards making the world a better place by making people feel beautiful about themselves.   
Passion. Many beauty professionals feel passionate about beauty, and you will be able to appreciate that you can make a living from your passion.
Opportunity. Once you’re a certified cosmetology professional, your world is full of opportunities. You can become a salon manager or owner, teach at a cosmetology school, work for a company to help formulate products, demonstrate products and techniques at trade shows (it’s called “platform work”), develop new looks called “trend releases” for product lines, create styles for magazine or newspaper photo shoots, work on the sets of movies and TV, and much more! 
Flexibility. You can create your own schedule. This is another thing cosmetology professionals love about this business. People get their hair done on weekends, at night, early before work-whatever hours you want to work, there are clients who need you. It’s common for people to work part-time some years and full-time other years, depending on life’s twists and turns.
Personal Growth. To stay on top of everything, beauty professionals go to classes, shows, read magazines, watch DVDs-anything that keeps you up on the latest/newest/hottest. When you’re learning, you feel connected and healthy. 
Giving & Caring.  It’s a charitable industry filled with generous people! In addition to being “givers” when it comes to treating clients well, cosmetologists are known for their good deeds and community service. Salons routinely hold fundraising, participate benefits for all sorts of charities like children’s needs, cancer, AIDS, hunger and pretty much any cause that you want to support.
Fun. A lot of salon or spa owners make sure the environment stays light and upbeat. They hold sales contests with prizes, decorate for holidays throughout the year, hold photo shoots and laugh a lot.
Teamwork. Salon & spas are all about building a team of professionals who help each other and play to everyone’s strengths. Older stylists help new people, and the whole staff pitches in if someone needs to take time away for illness or other personal crisis. A well-run salon or spa becomes a second family-in a good way!

Here are quick links to tools and resources to help support the development and advancement in your career as an esthetician. 

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BeautySafe:  Be an industry leader and be BeautySafe certified! Working in a deregulated environment, you can raise industry standards by proactively updating and refreshing your knowledge on the protocols for infection control, cleaning and chemical practices. 

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